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Radial fans

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Catcher  for wood chips
Price without VAT from:189,64
!_cena s dph od_!229,46

Flow Rate: 275-2100 m3/h
Vacuum: 100-300 Pa
Arc 45°
Price without VAT from:4,69
!_cena s dph od_!5,68
Price without VAT from:23,46
!_cena s dph od_!28,39
Lightweight portable fan (weight 20 kg) suitable for dusty space particularly in the construction ...
Vacuum: 1 250 Pa
Price without VAT:281,52
Price with VAT340,65
Damper manually operated over 2 m
It is used for the piping system at a height of 2 m. This cap can be conveniently operated using ...
Price without VAT from:74,78
!_cena s dph od_!90,48
Lightweight portable fan (weight 35 kg) suitable for dustyspace, in particular in the construction ...
Vacuum: 1 590 Pa
Price without VAT:375,37
Price with VAT454,19
They are mainly intended for pneumatic transport of wet and dry sawdust, shavings,non-combustible ...
Flow Rate: 6 820 m3/h
Vacuum: 3 000 Pa
Pneumatic automatic dampers
Price without VAT from:363,64
!_cena s dph od_!440,00
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