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Industrial filtration

Industrial filtration

Filtration systems consisting of a filter unit and a radial fan. They have a flow rate up to 14,000 m3 / h given by a connected fan with high vacuum up to 5400 Pa. They are suitable for central dust collection of sawmill, grinding and tooling centres (CNC), brushing machine etc. They are most commonly used for dust extraction, woodchips, sawdust, wood shavings and small waste from woodworking machines.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can fit in space of joinery, carpentry workroom etc.

  • MATERIAL - wood and other composites (fabric, solid foam ...) metal, stone, glass, plastics
  • INDUSTRY - Construction, Engineering, Automotive, Metallurgical, Glass, Textile, Food ...

Filtration systems can be customized in order to fulfil customer needs.

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Flow Rate: 6820 m3/h
Vacuum: 3000 Pa

Flow Rate: 6800 8800 m3/h
Vacuum: 3000 Pa

Flow Rate: 9600 - 11200 m3/h
Vacuum: 4850 - 5000 Pa

Flow Rate: 11200 - 14000 m3/h
Vacuum: 5000 - 5400 Pa
Filtration system located in the workshop area with continuous pressureless emptying of dust and ...
Flow Rate: 14000 m3/h
Vacuum: 5400 Pa
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